Between the Idea and the Reality by Norman Hunter

Between the Idea and the Reality by Norman Hunter

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Between the Idea and the Reality, by Norman Hunter OAM, set to be published in September 2024. This is a must-read for educational leaders and anyone involved in decision-making within the educational sector.

About the Book

Between the Idea and the Reality: Decision Making for the Thinking Educational Leader delves into the heart of decision-making in education, offering universally applicable insights that transcend the sector. Drawing on Norman Hunter's extensive experience, the book emphasizes the importance of the reasoning behind decisions rather than just the actions themselves. This work is not about providing ready-made solutions but about encouraging deep, reflective thinking among leaders.

Norman Hunter uses ideas from formal research, literature, intuition and personal experiences, providing readers with a rich understanding of decision-making processes. The book aims to provide leaders with some thoughts on navigating the complexities of their most demanding responsibility: making effective and thoughtful decisions. Whether you are a Principal, Head of Department or aspiring leader, the insights in this book will enhance your leadership journey.

About the Author

Norman Hunter OAM is an esteemed educator who proudly identifies as a 'pracademic', blending practical teaching experience with academic insights. He co-founded Hillbrook Anglican School in Brisbane and served as its principal for 21 years. His contributions to educational leadership have been recognized by the Australian Council for Educational Leaders (ACEL) and the Australian College of Educators (ACE), with honors including the Queensland ACE Medal, ACEL's Nganakarra Award, and the Medal of the Order of Australia.

Beyond his professional achievements, Hunter is an accomplished jazz pianist and remains actively involved in educational consultancy, board service, and guest lecturing. His rich background and dedication to education make him qualified to offer the profound insights found in Between the Idea and the Reality.

Why You Should Read This Book

Between the Idea and the Reality is essential for those looking to enhance their decision-making skills and leadership qualities. The book encourages leaders to engage in reflective thinking and to understand the deeper reasoning behind their decisions. It's not just about what actions to take, but why those actions matter.

Norman Hunter's blend of practical experience and academic rigor provides a unique perspective that is both enlightening and actionable. His ability to distill complex ideas into accessible insights makes this book a valuable resource for leaders at all levels.

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