Keeping Up with Teaching

Keeping Up with Teaching

Amba Press is excited to announce the upcoming release of Keeping up with Teaching: Strategies for Thriving in the 21st Century by Celia Di Iorio and Margherita Ghezzi set to hit desks late July 2024.

The book draws upon Celia and Margherita's (Marghi’s) extensive experience in the field of education and has a clear objective; to focus on improving initial teachers’ wellbeing so that teachers and students can be happier in the school environment. It highlights the importance of recognising teachers as individuals distinct from their profession, with the intention of improving the overall quality of the teaching profession.

Authors, Celia and Marghi have worked and taught together over the years.

Celia is a qualified Primary School Teacher with a Master of Education in Student Wellbeing. She has over 25 years of teaching experience both face to face and online. Celia leads the strategy and development of online ITE courses, cultivating supportive learning environments using her communication, interpersonal, organisational and leadership skills.

Marghi holds 30 years’ combined experience in the primary, secondary and university sectors. A qualified schoolteacher, published author, and academic educator, Marghi also worked as an educational publisher and an ACARA curriculum writer. Marghi defines herself a ‘passionate lifelong learner’ and she is currently a PhD candidate at Griffith University.

Delve into each chapter, beginning with poignant lived experiences shared by educators, as they navigate challenges and uncover valuable insights. From these narratives, the educator and author illuminate pathways for survival and progress, empowering readers to prioritise their wellbeing and create positive environments for both educators and students alike.


With a focus on holistic growth and resilience, Keeping Up with Teaching inspires new teachers to thrive in their profession while fostering wellbeing at every step of the journey.

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